Thursday, March 8, 2012

Greatest Quotes Ever!

"You sounded nothing at all like a dying walrus! It was more like a floating fish!"

".....It's kinda like burning a cat... it looks like fun but it's stupid"

both are from my friend Kat... both had me craking up like crazy. The first was in refeance to my singing.. she told me it was a complemt but... A floating fish? That was epic! If i make the talent show i'll be sure to inform you all!!!

The other was a strange expanation why my friend wouldn't do something. I still don't make the conecction of how their alike but it was a great anology.

Friday, February 17, 2012

12 posts and dieing.

Did you know for every hour you sit you increase your chance of dieing by 11%.? Or something like that... any way college is good. There's a lot of homework but for the most part is tolerable, and that is  the only down side. Well that and the debt. :) College people are... weird. But i guess that increases my chance of fitting in. with all the sitting I do I'm sure to die soon though so maybe by then it won't matter.  I have recently discovered Pandora. I think I'm in love. Internet radio? Who would've known. its better than oysters in a can. I hate oysters in a can. I'm going to stop rambling and do something productive. Peace.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Julian Smith is unofficially DEAD

This dreadful event occurred las thursday the 25 but me being the terrible fan I am missed the fact he had been kiddnaped since the beginning of this month. :( if you don't know who Julain Smith is.... Look him up. He's great. Tune in this thursday maybe his killers will post something... But you never know. Hoping for the best.... Julian please be alive.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top ten things I hate!

OK, so hate is a strong word... and many of these things simply irk me. More like pet peevs then anything else.

10) Putting trash in the sink. The sink is for dishes not trash. Need I say more?

9) When you spend forever fixing something just how you like it and some one decides to help you.... and you have to start all over again. :(

8) When you search for some thing EVERYWHERE and some one is like, "oh that's what you were looking for, i know where it is."

7) Discrepancies in movies. Clues that don't line up and parts that don't fit. The worst part is usually only I notice and every one harasses me about "ruining" the movie.

6) Lame bad guys. Yes, we all know the bad guy will lose but does that mean he/she has to be annoying and easily overcome. Very few people can actually pull off a decent Good v.s. Evil.

5) Push-over flirts. I really dislike guys who are dead set on one thing but as soon as you disagree they pretend they're really on your side. because they believe thats attractive?

4) Facebook. Not so much the concept but how every one is always talking about what they said on it. 

3) Shows that thrive mainly on drama and very little plot.

2) Single Cheese= Fake Cheese. Eww, that's just gross.

1) Umm... I'lljust leave it blank, thats to much power for one person. JKJK