Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to say...

There is a lot of things I've wanted to write on this blog... but then I stop and think, What if someone reads this? and i realize that is only half the question. The other half is What if nobody does? Yes I would rather keep most of my thoughts private but there's others that I wish someone would read. Like the fact that I've never had a best friend and as much as I laugh it off, I kinda want one. But It's my fault that I don't because i haven't let anybody come that close. Or that while some girls dream of their wedding my only dream was to go to prom. But I would give anything to erase last year because my Mom found out that I wanted to go and asked people to take me. As if that wasn't embarassing. And I know no one will ask me so I'll go alone and wonder why I ever wanted to go. Or that I've moved so much that I've become calluoesed when it comes to people and every time I've said I miss you it's just empty words. Or that no matter what I do I seem stuck in the worst and best days of my life. These are some of the things I'm afraid someone will read yet afraid they won't.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It Feels Like Forever Ago

It has been so long... But i have a half way decent excuse... ok to be honest, Its pretty LAME. It's just that I've been pretty busy with school and my state test. Which reminds me you know nothing about that. Well ok, I have been taking my CNA class for about a month and I PASSED!!! Yay! But I think what I have liked the most about the class wasn't really from the class itself. It was from the bus. Yes the city bus. I'm not so sure why so many people make a big deal about the bus as if its some scary place full of thugs and pickpockets. I loooove the bus. I can't really explain it though... but even in Pueblo I loved it. Some of my more uppity friends act as if it is the most horrible thing in the world which cracks me up. Anyway I feel kind of bad for not posting because I really enjoy it.